You wont find a more genteel charter operator on the water than Justin Duggan, but break one of his unwritten rules and you’ll feel his wrath. For the uninitiated, here are some fishing moves to avoid when fishing around Justin’s local hole.



When the Minn Kota’s out, I’m typically manicuring a patch of grass in front of the boat. Now I don’t own that grass, but I’ve taken a short-term lease on it, and I reckon it’s mine for 60m in front of the bow. Go and find your own grassy knolls, or work the clippings behind me. That would be much appreciated.



When the fish are feeding on the surface, the tight little ball resembles the top of a seafood pizza. Don’t be a pizza slicer and chop the school in two by trolling right over them. Instead, get a slice of the action by pulling up short of the pizza and throwing small metal slices, flies and lightly weighted plastics. That way, everyone can taste success.



If you see a boat fishing like a boss, don’t roar up within a fish’s fart, stare and then drop your anchor on their toes. I call it “mutton birding” and it’s bloody annoying. All you’ll succeed in doing is shutting the fish down for everyone. Instead, keep your distance, wait your turn or predict where the fish will pop up next (when chasing surface fish).