Ever since Nan and Pop could tow a trailer, the Mornington Peninsula has been a popular fishing destination. Its shoreline is dotted with colourful boat sheds clad in seashells and overlooking sandy beaches. It’s a postcard-perfect scene, bound to inspire nostalgia in fishos from Melbourne and beyond.

Some of our favourite table fish call this place home, including whiting, squid, garfish and snapper. It’s only a stone’s throw from Melbourne and a golf-putt away from some of the best fish and chip shops in the country. You know, just in case.

Snapper is the species that defines most Victorian boaties, and when the AFL grand-final siren sounds, fishermen turn off the TV and hook up the family runabout. With a full thermos, a block of pilchards and a pack of size 3/0 octopus hooks, the masses hit the ramps in anticipation of a ‘big red’.

Mornington Peninsula