If your lure is on its last legs, Peter Pakula explains how to re-skirt in seven simple steps.

All skirted lures will need a re-skirting eventually. They get chopped up by toothy critters and become old and brittle without a regular lube (see issue #3 Skirt Dirt on how to lube up a skirt). A lot of people are too scared to re-skirt a winning lure, but it’s dead easy and a must-do if you want it to keep catching fish. Here’s how to do it in seven easy steps.



– A stick with a flat end. A bamboo chopstick does the job quite well. You can also use a flat head screwdriver. Just don’t damage the lure head.

– A sharp knife or cutters.

– A pair of sharp scissors, preferably slightly serrated so they don’t slip when cutting the skirt material.

– Super glue for gluing the skirt to the lure head.

– A new set of skirts to replace the damaged ones. Get the same brand and size as the ones you’re replacing. Any difference in skirt size, weight, thickness and length will impact on the lure action.


1. Insert the stick under the back of the lure between the skirts and the lure head. Gently lever the skirt up and away from the lure head. Work the stick all the way around the head. Then simply pull the loosened skirts off the back of the lure head. Trim off any bits of glue or skirt that may still be stuck to the lure head with the sharp cutter.

2. Cut the skirts by cutting around the skirt neck, not by doing a single cut across the skirt. The skirt should be cut close to the narrowest part of the neck as it is best to cut it too narrow to start and then trim until it fits. It should still need to be stretched on slightly. A skirt that is cut too wide to start with cannot be used.

3. The overskirt is put on first by starting it at the bottom of the lure tail and then stretching it on over the first tail lip. Use the tool (stick) to ease it over the second lip and into position against the back of the lure head.

4. Fold the overskirt over the top of the lure head then put the underskirt on in the same way as the overskirt.

5. Run a small bead of super glue around the lure tail just under the overskirt and another small bead just at the front of the underskirt. Fold the overskirt back, leave it so the super glue dries.

6. Once the glue has dried, get a pair of scissors and cut the strands of the skirt so that the cuts go right to the shoulder of the lure head.

7. Do a final check to make sure the skirt doesn’t protrude past the diameter of the lure head or that the lure doesn’t bulge around the neck – if it doesn’t, she’s ready to swim!

If you need a Pakula Lure re-skirted, Peter offers this service free with the purchase of the skirts.