Ever wondered why the gun fishermen treat their sounder like the Ark of the Covenant? It’s because it holds secrets that make the difference between a good day’s fishing and a great one. The Captain takes a peek inside, and discovers the top commandments practised by god-like fishos.


Sounder Hounds Mike double header




STYLE: Offshore-obsessed. I love big kingfish, tuna and marlin – pretty much anything that hits top-water.


Sounder Hounds 620 Sea Devil


BOAT: 520 Sea Devil (below) and 620 Sea Devil (above)


Sounder Hounds Sea Devil 520


ELECTRONICS: I run a 12” and a 9” Simrad NSS EVO 2 through a BSM3 with a TM275W H/L. I also use a 4G radar and Sonic Hub. 


Sounder Hounds Mike sounder


SCREENSHOT: A pack of big kingfish are working a drop-off in 28m of water. Because we the spotted bait so high in the water column, we successfully targeted them on stick-baits and poppers!

MICHAEL’S TOP TIP: Get familiar with your fish arches at different depths. In 10m of water a 10kg kingfish will look huge, but in 100m it would look at least 10 times smaller. This is because the screen size is covering the whole water column.


Sounder Hounds King

Images supplied by Mike Bonnici