STYLE: Definitely bluewater – from kings to tuna and switch-baiting marlin – I’ve been a member of Broken Bay gamefishing club since I was seven!




BOAT: We run two. The first is Murrifin, a custom 39ft sportfishing boat that our family built. The other is a custom 21ft centre-console.




ELECTRONICS: We have an older Simrad CX44, which runs a COMBI-C 1kW transducer – it’s still a great sounder. We also have an NSE 12 hooked into a 4G radar and an NSS Evo2 running a BSM-3 connected to a R509LHW transducer. The new wide-angle marks an amazing amount of mid-water marlin and tuna.




SCREENSHOT: There are too many, but this is my current favorite because of what happened on the day. The solid return is a 140kg blue marlin we were fighting. The other mark is a smaller 100-110kg blue hanging close by. After releasing the 140kg model, we barely got the second teaser out before his buddy was in hot pursuit! It has been an amazing season for blue marlin off NSW this year.



Correct transducer installation is vital to get good performance from your gear. The main goal is to have it run in clean water, so get your transducer placed as deep as possible. Once you have it working and you’re marking your target species, don’t leave just because they’re not biting. The most successful fishermen are the most persistent.