Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

No doubt one of the most forward thinking designs in the trailer boat market today, is the Stabicraft 1600 Project Carbon Series. If it hadn’t already, it has now certainly quashed all preconceptions about Stabi’s being “ugly ducklings”. The new 1600 Fisher and Frontier have made a serious splash in Australia and New Zealand, with overwhelmingly good feedback on social media. Although the two new hulls have been completely designed from scratch, they both draw their inspiration from the 1530 Fisher, as well as the 1650 Fisher (my last boat). With an innovative and futuristic design accompanied by a multitude of new features the Carbon Series may take some getting used to for old salts. So what better way to get you acquainted, than to take you for a tour.

Carbon Fibre strengthening

They ain’t called the Carbon Series for nothing; the 1600 Fisher and Frontier both feature a resin infused composite cabin/console with reinforced carbon fibre strengthening to boot. Not only do they look like Transformer’s on steroids, they also make the boat lighter and tougher too.

Arrow pontoons

Achieved by raking back the weld lines at high impact points, the Arrow Pontoon hull configuration is a huge attribute to the Stabicraft range. The Carbon 1600 Fisher and Frontier models both feature these pontoons, which offer a seriously soft and perfectly predictable ride. In short, it eats up chop and comes down soft and stable on big swells.

Game chaser transom

Trailer boats are now a common appearance in the game-fishing scene; but backing down on rampaging marlin and line burning bluefin has always been the Achilles heel of the small boat owner. For this reason, the Carbon 1600 Fisher and Frontier models both have an interesting transom design. Dubbed the ‘Game Chaser Transom’, its wedge-like shape allows water to move easily around it, giving greater manoeuvrability and speed in reverse.

Wing style coaming

Designed to maximise seating, storage and space, whilst minimising spray, the Wing Style Coaming is another Stabicraft feature that is a big part of the Carbon Series.

One-piece windscreen

High enough to get protection from the elements, but still low enough to poke your head out when standing and driving. The sleek one-piece windscreen on the 1600 Fisher offers clean panoramic viewing for the skipper and his first mate.

Ergonomic dash 

Improving on the helm of the Stabicraft 1650, the Carbon Series dash has been overhauled to provide the driver and passengers the best configuration possible. The GPS/fish finder display has been centred in the dash of the 1600 Fisher, which provides easier viewing for skipper and crew, as there’s no steering wheel in the way.


Designed by Stabicraft, for Stabicraft’s. The Railblaza manufactured Multiholders are a standard feature on the new Carbon Series range. Strong, practical and versatile; they’ll hold anything from fishing rods to cameras.

Maxwell RC6 winch

A standard feature on the 1600 Fisher and an option on the 1600 Frontier, the Maxwell RC6 anchor winch takes many an argument out of fishing – trust me.

For more info visit www.stabicraft.co.nz