Stabicraft take their R&D testing very seriously.


The Captain reckons Stabicraft boats are some of the sweetest-looking rides on the water. The 2100 Supercab model sits slap-bang in the middle of the range – and showcases some of their best fishie features. It’s big enough to handle the offshore stuff, but nimble enough to work the inshore grounds. It’s a lightweight on the tow-bar, but with more storage options than an Ikea store.




Daniel Upperton is part of the Stabicraft crew. He’s normally handing out keys to media pirates, but made up an excuse about “R&D testing” for his boss, grabbed Chase Wotten Hunt from Epic Adventures – and hit the water off Whitianga, NZ. They filled the live bait tank with jack mackerel, stretched some line on 15kg kingies and then headed wide to deep drop for h’puku.



It was a bottom-bashing session to end all bottom-bashing, the boys hauling three 20kg-plus h’puku over the side of the vinyl- wrapped Supercab. Dan and the boys still can’t wipe the smiles off their faces – and his boss is wondering why there’s no room in the work freezer. Check out full video of the 2100 Supercab in action below.




Hull length-6.4m


Fuel capacity  -200 litres

Maximum number of persons-7

Standard HP- 130hp

Maximum HP- 200hp

Price as tested- $116,480

For more information, contact www.stabicraft.com