It was love at first ride for David Krushka

Halfway through David Krushka’s first White Pointer test drive, he turned to Cameron McDonald from Geelong Boating Centre and said, “I’ve had enough”. Shocked, Cam asked, “Oh, what did you think?” David replied, “Best boat I’ve ever been in…” The next day David ordered his new White Pointer 800 Sports Cruiser.




The 800 Sports Cruiser strikes a mean pose on the ocean, sleek lines and rugged, yet elegant styling. The flagship of The Captain’s White Pointer Tasmanian expedition; the 800 is all battleship outside – and deluxe cruiser inside. There’s no doubt David is a man that knows what he wants. He even painted a piece of aluminium with Mercedes Charcoal paint, took it down to the foreshore and stuck it in the sand. He then took a step back, looked at the colour scheme in relation to the water. All of this, just to make sure that his new White Pointer 800 Sports Cruiser would meet his lofty expectations. It says something about the type of people that buy White Pointers. They’re driven, they’re perfectionists and they (possibly) count rivets in their sleep.




David has spared no expense kitting out and personalising his 800 Sports Cruiser, affectionately baptised Lie-Ability. Outriggers don the sides of the cab, a fleet of rocket launchers line the hardtop with a glistening Garmin radar dome sitting close-by. It’s not just fishing accessories though, David has set his rig up to accommodate his family as well; there’s a warm water shower, cooking facilities and fridge/freezers – all of which were welcome creature comforts on our Tassie trip. Onboard, Rex Bryant, owner of White Pointer Boats describes the layout, “The cabin is cosy, but it’s not over the top. Out the back you’ve got a functional area that you can knock around without worrying about breaking anything”.



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Tech Specs:

Length– 8.20m (overall)
Beam– 2.50m
Freeboard – 900mm
Hull plate – 6mm
Weight – 3200kg (BMT)
Price as tested – $255 000





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