Peter Pakula shares a simple trick to make your lures more visible and increase your hook-up rate, and it’ll take less than 10 seconds


When you set a spread, you’re creating an environment you can control. You can adjust lure head styles, colours, positions, drag settings, speed and more. What you may not be aware of is how much you can control the wash and pressure waves behind your boat.




It’s common knowledge that skirted lures should run in clean water on the face of pressure waves. Why? Because trolling lures in turbulent white water, apart from being less visible to the fish, is also an unstable environment for the lures. This “confused water” causes the lures to spin more and in turn decreases your hook-up rate.

Here’s a great trick to increase the size of your pressure wave: tilt your motor up slightly and lift your trim tabs (if you have them). This points the turbulence higher, which dissipates it over a shorter distance and increases the size of the pressure waves. This technique also shortens your wash, makes your lures more visible, gives you a better hook-up rate and even increases your fuel economy– it may be simple, but it’s very effective. As a rule, keep your lure in the bottom third of the pressure wave.




Also, when trolling, zig-zag across the current lines. Your prop wash will be shorter and less turbulent (than if running directly into the current). Fish are typically found either side of the current line, so this technique will help you find the fish and get the bite.