Scallops are a delicious seafood treasure – and they also have a secret skill most seafarers don’t know about. They are “free-living”, capable of rapidly swimming short distances and even migrating a long way across the ocean floor.


Here’s my favourite scallop recipe:


• 12 scallops

• 1 tbs butter

• 2 green chillies

• 2 lime leaves finely chopped

• ó lime juice

• 2 tbs olive oil


Remove all scallops from the shells (blanch shells in boiling water to clean, then dry). Place scallops closely together on one piece of baking paper. Heat up a medium-size pan on high heat with a spash of olive oil. Once pan is very hot, flip the baking paper sheet into the pan to place all scallops down at the same time. If you add the scallops one at a time, the first scallops cooked will absorb all the heat of the pan and the subsequent scallops will only stew and not fry. Cook for two minutes without touching the scallops until a beautiful caramelised crown has formed on top. Add butter, chilli, lime leaves and turn. Then turn off heat, add lime juice, olive oil and sea salt. Serve back on to shells on top of a handful of rocksalt.

Ole! It’s the perfect seafood start to a dinner party. The kids will also love playing with the shells when you’re finished.