STYLE: We do all kinds of fishing in Vanuatu– heavy tackle, saltwater fly, light tackle and live baiting. My personal favourite, though, has got to be popping and jigging for GTs and dogtooth tuna.




BOAT: We run three Edgewater 318CCs fitted with Yamahas.




ELECTRONICS: Until recently, we were running Garmin and Raymarine electronics on all our boats, but after making the switch to Simrad everything is smoother – not even comparable to what we had before. The sounders we use now are NSS12 Evo2s hooked up to B275LH-W Airmar chirp transducers with BSM-3s. This allows us to reach depths greater than 1,000m on low chirp (even at cruising speed), as well as clearly identifying fish on high chirp. We also have AC42 Autopilot systems with OP10 controllers and a BR24 4G Radar – our boats probably have more electronics than a battleship!




SCREENSHOT: We took this screen shot when down-rigging for dogtooth tuna. You can clearly see the downrigger ball that was set at 80ft and a pack of doggies that have risen up to that depth to check the bait. Seeing this sort of read is invaluable as doggies will often follow the bait for quite a while before attempting to eat it.




Try to learn how to differentiate certain arches on your sounder; they’ll appear differently on various units. Once you’ve worked this out it’ll give you a great indication of whether you should persist fishing a spot or keep searching.