The Captain’s 10 Commandments (break them at your peril).


Wave-breaker arguments light up Facebook forums, typically started by pansies behind perspex. For those who have seen the light – and want to join the dark side by fitting a wave-breaker, be sure to follow these 10 commandments.


  1. The wave-breaker shall always be fitted with a wind deflector strong enough to deflect a leaping 300kg mako shark.





  1. Wave-breakers shall always be made of fibreglass, plywood or carbon.





  1. Perspex is permitted in wave-breakers, but shall occupy no more than 60 per cent of the surface area. Windows must always be bevelled and never butt up against another window.





  1. The wave-breaker shall sit at an angle between 10 degrees and 30 degrees. Any boat fitted with an angle less than 10 per cent shall be classified as a barge.





  1. Aluminium boats cannot have wave-breakers. A screen resembling a wave-breaker shall be referred to as a “turret”.





  1. Wave-breakers shall be no shorter than 30cm and no longer than 80cm from the join of the top deck to the top of the breaker.





  1. The owner of the boat shall always have the final say on the height of the wave-breaker. You may be the driver, you may be short and you may be outspoken ‑ we just don’t care.





  1. Wave-breakers shall never be walk-through. Ever. A hinge fitted to a wave-breaker will result in automatic disqualification.





  1. These items may be fitted to wave-breakers: Clears, stainless canopies, aerials, riggers and search lights. These items shall never be fitted to wave-breakers: wake-board towers, arm-rests and plastic cup holders.





  1. Oh, rear-view mirrors shall not be fitted, either. Let’s be honest, they’ll never catch you in your 600HP blue-water battleaxe anyway.