Deadly Tide Skirt Offer

$199.00 every 2 years


When you subscribe to The Captain’s Deadly Tide Skirt Pack, you’ll get a 24 month (1 issue per quarter) subscription to The Captain, a “The Captain” sticker and the 9” Iceman or 10” Outlaw skirt. Both lures are weighted cut-face heads that create an erratic action in the water. The Iceman is usually run in a closer position to the boat as its head shape is more aggressive compared to the Outlaw, which is generally used further back in the spread with its longer, slimmer profile. Both are weighted and can run at high speed and in rough water. Every skirt is baptised by Clint with a sprinkle of Jamaican rum.


Deadly Tide Lures was the brainchild of Clinton Bush, from Merimbula on the New South Wales south coast. He’s travelled from one side of Australia to the other in search of fish. As a teenager, he’d head out from Walkerville, in south-east Victoria, in a busted old Shark Cat running a 90HP on the port side and 115HP on the starboard. Every year, he’d travel to Broome, buy a boat from the local yard and go looking for pelagics, selling the battle-weary boat at the end of the trip. Clinton eventually bought his own 5m Quinny, exploring the offshore reefs from South West Rocks to the Whitsundays. He upgraded to a 2200 Yalta Craft and now often fishes solo — and successfully — from his home port of Merimbula, up to Bermagui and down to Mallacoota. He rates former Merimbula skipper Bruce Libbis, who skippered Rathlin for more than 20 years, as his mentor. Clinton fishes more than 100 days a year and has put all his experience into practice developing his Deadly Tide range of lures. After fishing his way around Australia, he knew what he wanted in his lures. The Deadly Tide line-up includes 10 skirts, poppers and jigs. He also makes his own dredges from scratch. Each model is rigorously tested before making its way into the range, often with several prototypes. The components are sourced from all around the world, including split rings from America and hooks from Hong Kong and Japan. Clinton personally rigs each skirted lure or popper, distributing to more than a dozen countries. The best result that he knows of was eight marlin on a single lure in a single day — as well as billfish grand slam.


When your subscription auto-renews in 24 months, you’ll receive another product of equal or greater value!


For any subscription address changes please email: captain@thecaptain.tv

If you wish to cancel auto-renew please email: captain@thecaptain.tv



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