The Captains’ Crew

A treasure chest of fishing and boating knowledge

Travis Godfredson

Captains’ deckhand Before becoming deck-hand on The Captain, Trav wore a suit, carried spreadsheets and walked fast to board rooms, but he unshackled himself and broke free to spend more time doing what he loves; creating cool content in amazing destinations with real people. Travis lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a patient wife, Emma, three bundles of curly-haired energy and an archive of Series LandRovers. When he’s not creating content or babies, he’s tinkering with a ½ inch spanner, kayaking or hanging at the beach with the kids. Fishing and boating was his destiny. His Dad built speed boats and fishing boats, as well as owning trawlers in the Torres Strait. On the other side of the family, his father in law is a former pro fishermen and Cape York fishing guide, so fishing tales are never far from Trav’s sunburnt ears.

  • Fishing prowess 80% 80%
  • Boat coolness 80% 80%
  • Expert adventurer 85% 85%

Jack Murphy

Captains’ deckhand An avid fisherman, photographer, writer, blogger and beard grower, 24 year old Jack Murphy from Sydney’s Northern Beaches loves his job. Jack worked as a photographer and journo for leading Australian and International magazines for over five years, before recently starting up a content agency called Moby Dick Content with business partner, Travis Godfredson. Jack’s also a hardcore blogger, with over 7,000 followers, publishing to all platforms. See here: Jack Murphy Fishing and Photography. His images tell stories, and he describes his style as, “Dynamic, gritty and sometimes moody, but always full of salt and vinegar flavouring”.

  • Fishing prowess 85% 85%
  • Boat coolness 80% 80%
  • Expert adventurer 80% 80%

Joel Ryan

Captains’ deckhand Joel Ryan is a young gun on the fishing circuit. He lives an exciting life, motorcycle riding, diving, surfing and catching huge fish. Jealous yet? Oh yeah, he also has one of the coolest boats on the southern seas. He gets around in a drop-dead gorgeous Edencraft 6.0 Offshore. It’s a no-fuss, hardcore, offshore work boat, with a splash of carbon – and dash of Garmin. We asked Joel what his favourite type of fishing is, “I’d fish in a puddle if you gave me a rod. You can’t beat bluewater gamefishing though. You never know what you’re going to get. Some of the best moments of my life came after a whole day of lacklustre trolling. It can all change in an instant”

  • Fishing prowess 90% 90%
  • Boat coolness 95% 95%
  • Expert adventurer 70% 70%

Peter Pakula

With 58 years of experience, innovation and knowledge that he shares freely, Peter Pakula is no doubt one of the most recognisable names in the gamefishing scene. But if you didn’t know, Peter makes lures. Bloody good ones too. See here: Pakula Lures. Peter was introduced to fishing at a very young age. His first outfit was incredibly light so that he could cast Wonder Wobblers into the channel, where the tailor and salmon were feeding. It progressed from there; he’d fish off the rocks, then to small boats chasing pelagics around Sydney Harbour. Peter was sportfishing 10 years before he even knew that game-fishing clubs existed. Peter puts it pretty simply, “I just like surface strikes”.

  • Fishing prowess 100% 100%
  • Boat coolness 90% 90%
  • Expert adventurer 90% 90%

Miguel Maestre

Captains’ deckhand Miguel is the resident cook for The Captain, who likes duck liver patè for morning tea and seafood paellas for dinner. Miguel will bring out our inner seafood chefs with amazing dishes to wow the women, and captivate the crew. First recipe in The Captain is an amazing squid ink risotto in black pirate theme. Cephalopods around the world – be very afraid.

  • Fishing prowess 20% 20%
  • Boat coolness 0% 0%
  • Expert adventurer 100% 100%

Justin Duggan

Captains’ deckhand Justin Duggan is one of Australia’s leading fly fisherman – having honed his skills on a myriad of fish species in locations across the world, and within Australia. Justin runs Sydney Flyfishing Tours and has helped thousands of customers achieve their dream of catching a fish on fly and casting the perfect loop. As a former zookeeper and wildlife photographer, Justin not only knows how to read the signs of the ocean and the species that inhabit it, but also photograph them too. As well as running charters on the wonderful waters of Sydney, Justin spends regular stints guiding the incredible waters of Cape York Peninsula with Fish’s Fly and Sportfishing owned by the legendary Alan “Fish” Philliskirk. When Justin isn’t guiding, he’s usually fishing or indulging in his other passion: music. Justin is married and lives on Sydney’s Northern beaches.

  • Fishing prowess 90% 90%
  • Boat coolness 80% 80%
  • Expert adventurer 85% 85%

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