Evinrude launch 150, 150 H.O., 175 and 200HP G2 E-TECs

In March, a muster of new Evinrude G2 E-TEC outboards hit the water. This follows the release of the first G2s back in 2014 with the 200H.0. -300HP range. The new outboards consist of a 150HP, 150 H.O., 175HP and a 200HP – all of which are six-cylinder, 2.7L two-strokes.


Telwater – distributor of Quintrex, Savage, Stacer, etc – presented a selection of G2 motors for media testing on their trusty tinnies on the Gold Coast. I’d had a bit of experience with the product, as I’d been testing a 150HP G2 prototype on my Edgewater 188cc for six months. Time to make some comparisons…

So what do the new G2 platforms offer? Evinrude claim 20 per cent more torque than the G1 platforms and across all the models I tested, including my own, the motors offered astounding punch throughout the rev-bands – and renowned hole shot.Other features on the G2 include I-Trim, which automatically trims the outboard – a good addition for beginners to boating. Throttles come with digital shift and the built-in dynamic power steering means no hydraulic steering rams cluttering the engine bay. The steering is also adjustable, so you can run light, medium or even heavy feel at the helm. Whichever way you go, it’s very, very smooth.


The new G2s are certainly quiet, but at idle they’re still no four-stroke. On the plane, the difference becomes much less pronounced and a conversation at the helm doesn’t require a megaphone. Evinrude claim 15 per cent better fuel economy over the G1, but after running both a G1 150 and G2 150 on the same hull, I would say economy has improved up to 30 per cent.

For more information visit www.evinrude.com.au