Catbo Pack Offer

$199.00 every 2 years



  • A custom-made 10″ Catbo Captain Cone-Head lure
  • A 24-month subscription to The Captain (8 issues)


Catbo lures are relatively new to the lure-making scene, but their creator, Danny Barrow, has made a big impression as a super-chilled dude and, more importantly, a craftsman who turns out sweet lures that keep getting bit.

When The Captain wanted a 100 per cent original lure for a special subscription offer, it was a no-brainer to give Danny first crack at tooling a plug up on his old-school industrial wood lathe (no fancy machining here). After the master was perfected, Danny fine-tuned it to swim like a rum-drunk flying fish, before creating a mould so another 25 could be reproduced. Before pouring the black tinted resin into the mould, Danny added a holographic Captain logo. Dressing the lure in a seductive black/flame-coloured skirt provided the finishing touch. The mould was then destroyed in dramatic fashion, ensuring there are only 25 of these babies available in the known world. He calls this lure the Catbo Captain Cone-Head (To be frank, Danny, we’re a bit suss on the name.) It’s 10 inches long and makes more smoke than a Jimi Hendrix after-party, hence the name. Normally this amount of smoke (that’s bubble trail, in case you’re not getting our drift) can only be achieved in a jetted lure. Danny reckons it’ll be a gun lure to run short in the spread.



The name Catbo is an abbreviation of the nicknames of Danny’s two kids — Caty and Ambo. He’s based in Broome, Western Australia, and his mission in life is to create special lures that repeatedly produce fish. There are 17 different head shapes and lengths from four to 20 inches. The range includes quite a few creative shapes that push the boundary of swimming actions. Heads come in medium-soft and hard resins. Catbo has a regular showing at the multimillion-dollar Bisbee tournaments and the lures are sold in Australia, New Zealand, Florida, Hawaii, Oman, Puerto Rico, Colombia, New Caledonia and Cape Verde.


When your subscription auto-renews in 24 months, you’ll receive another product of equal or greater value!


For any subscription address changes please email: thecaptain@mobydickcontent.com

If you wish to cancel auto-renew please email: thecaptain@mobydickcontent.com



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