Cubin’ Hoodie Offer

$199.00 every 2 years


When you subscribe to The Captain’s Cubin’ Hoodie Offer, you’ll get a 24 month subscription to The Captain (1 issue per quarter) and a Cubin’/The Captain Hoodie worth $70.

Please let us know your size in the customer notes*

*Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL


Cubin’ is the name of Grant Shorland’s marlin-hunting Grady-White. Smitten with the logo, he decided to stick it on a black hoodie. Nek minute, all his mates wanted one as well. The Captain owns several garments and can attest to their quality and, er, sex appeal. The only downfall — other than having to actually pay for it — is that you have to drink a beer when the sun is coming up if you’re wearing one.

When your subscription auto-renews in 24 months, you’ll receive another product of equal or greater value!


For any subscription address changes please email: captain@thecaptain.tv

If you wish to cancel auto-renew please email: captain@thecaptain.tv



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