For years commercial fisherman have been cheating. They’ve been accessing highly detailed sea surface temperature information. With this hot intel, they can then locate temperature breaks where pelagic game fish feed. Now although this software is available to recreational fishers too, the Java based system has often been thrown into the “too hard basket” as the system can be fairly technical.

Good news is on the horizon. Seasurface.com is now beta testing a non-Java system, which requires no huge map downloads and can be used on laptops, tablets and even smartphones! With sea surface charts being updated 30 times a day, you could literally hunt out temperature breaks while you’re hunting marlin. What a time to be alive. We recently tested out the new software on the yellowfin tuna off Sydney, click here to read the report: Sushi Train.

For more information on sea surface temperature subscriptions, head to www.seasurface.com