The 730 is centimetre perfect in the eyes of Bruce Franks

Bruce Franks is a numbers man. An engineer by trade, he applied his no-nonsense sensibilities to conceive his ultimate boat, the White Pointer 730 Sport Hardtop. Stepping aboard the 730, named Cray Nomad you get a sense that this boat is built for purpose, with everything neatly stowed in its place. The boat’s purpose, according to Bruce, is single- handed deep-sea fishing and crayfishing. The layout features an acre of deck-space with an enclosed cabin and customised bench seating.

Bruce might have the brain of a physicist, but he has the hands of a plumber. He’s definitely a doer. Not just content to own his perfect boat, Bruce works Cray Nomad hard – and often. When the invitation came to chase barrel-sized tuna in south east Tasmania, he slotted himself straight in. The fact he’d never caught a tuna didn’t stop him. Nor did the 5m swell that was forecast.

Rounding the heads, the White Pointer drove straight and true in the southeast slop. The 730 achieves a good balance between ride and stability, with an 18º deadrise, a fine entry point and downturned chines. The hulls are built in a jig and welded over an egg crate frame. The result is a curvaceous hull- shape that predictably carved through the Tasman Sea.

I can imagine when Bruce first stepped on board a White Pointer, he felt right at home. The slide down window from the cabin to the rear deck is effortlessly efficient, creating an open feeling,  while keeping the elements out. Up front, a yachting-style hammock (pipe berth) can be unrolled from the helm, which provides a third sleeping area. The cabin is fully lined in carpet – with stylish handrails up inside. Every detail has been carefully planned out.

The 730 Hardtop has been 20 years in the making, a culmination of great ideas and testing. The result, as White Pointer puts it, is the perfect predator. Bruce agrees, knowingly.

Tech Specs:

Length– 7.40m (overall)
Beam– 2.44m
Freeboard – 900mm
Hull plate – 6mm
Weight – 2000kg (BMT)
Price as tested – $175 000


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